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'68 a new American musical

music by Paul Leschen book & lyrics by Jamie Leo

It’s more the same than ever.

A fiercely original new piece of musical theater, inspired by the volatile events of the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago and their place in history and our future.

Chicago research librarians, hotel housekeepers, street cops, campaign volunteers, and community organizers are at the center of the storm. In conceiving the book and lyrics for '68, Albee Fellow Jamie Leo stayed “very close to my heart, to social activism as I understand it”. From decades of work in the front-lines in ACT UP, through years of other social justice advocacy, Leo’s observations – airborne by award-winning composer Paul Leschen's exquisite, unforgettable melodies – ’68 forges a narrative, a eulogy, and celebration of struggle as suggestive of current events as a look into a time capsule.

Join us for a workshop peek at an ambitious new work.