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Gender Is Dead and So Is Your Liver: Star Wars 'A New Hope'


Gender is Dead is simple. We take your favorite movie script and blind cast the whole thing then do a drinking game/reading. Come have fun with us. May the force be with you always.

STAGE DIRECTIONS: Katie Lazarus DRINK REF/GEORGE LUCAS: Stevie Roe LUKE... Rachel Clayton LEIA... Patrick Reidy (debut!) OBI WAN... Boo Heath Jewel DARTH VADER... Julie St (debut!) HAN SOLO... Leah Evans CHEWBACCA... Matthew A. Schrader C3P0... David Steele R2D2... Pedro Lee

STORMTROOPER CHORUS Erik J. Lundstrom - Tarkin, Chief Pilot, Porkins Dave Herman - Cantina Band, Trooper 1, Second Officer, Creature, Chief, Red Ten, Second Trooper, Willard, AstroOfficer Sarah Taylor - Cantina Band, Jabba the Hut, Opening Scroll, Commander, Human, Biggs, Gold Leader, First Officer, Man's Voice, Gold Two Patrick McCartney (debut!) - Greedo, Aunt Beru, Motti, Red Eleven, Gold Five, First Trooper, Dodonna, Wingman's Voice, Base Voice Ali Mierzejewski - Imperial Officer, Uncle Owen, Trooper 2, Tagge, Intercom Voice, Red Leader, Trooper, Control Officer Mike Spara (debut!) - Rebel Officer, Captain, Officer, Bartender, Wedge, Gantry Officer, Red Seven, Technician

Sound effects/Red Nine: Mike Clarke (debut!) Tech: Melissa Parker Caron