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Sam's Tea Shack

About the Show

Steeped in a reverence for the F train as the new Silk Road, SAM'S TEA SHACK is an Ashkenazi Jewish boy’s fantasy he is amongst his ancestors: central Asian nomads. In this malleable exchange between audience and Sam, he serves tea, talks about the neighborhood, Persian emperors, going to high school with Lin-Manuel Miranda, dumplings and samosas, and whatever is on your mind--it's a piece about cultural identity vs. national identity. It's a comedy.

Written by Ben Gassman and Sam Soghor
Directed by Meghan Finn
Design by Normandy Sherwood
Featuring Sam Soghor
NY Premiere, 55 min

Special Guests

Sept 12 7pm Nadja Leonard-Hooper

Sept 13 7pm Becky Yamamoto

Sept 14 9:30pm Carl Holder/Kate Weber/Dan Shaki/Ariel Elias

Sept 16 9:30 Jack Frederick

Sept 17 7pm Bill and Phyllis Soghor

Sept 19 9:30pm Jamund Washington

Sept 20 7pm Bob Garbarino

Sept 21 9:30pm Adam Leon

Sept 26 7pm Modesto Flako Jimenez

Sept 27 9:30pm Meeko Gattuso

Sept 28 9:30pm Meeko Gattuso

Sept 30 7pm Rebecca Patek

Oct 1 7pm Finale Extravaganza - with My Left Tit

Earlier Event: September 11
Later Event: September 13
The Armory - Indie Night!