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About the Show

In a desolate space stands a group of curious looking people. With miniature trees and paper seagulls in their pockets they begin to recreate the world as they see it. A premeditated car accident, a ravenous cod and a dreadful christmas eve are part of the chaos created by the yōkai. Combining dance, magic, poetry and sheer stupidity, the Krumple tells a contemporary tale of our attempts to find hope in moments of despair.

With YŌKAI, The Krumple creates a terrain that is grotesque and poetic, tragic and humorous. A tone of ironic distance permeates the show, fueled by the company’s rich aesthetic and movement.

The term yōkai is of Japanese origin and represents a class of strange apparitions in Japanese folklore. Made up by the two kanji yō, meaning “bewitching or unearthly” - and kai, meaning “strange or mysterious”, these spirits often range from the malevolent to the mischievous, who occasionally bring good fortune to those they encounter.

In this performance we meet a set of characters very similar in spirit to the Japanese yōkai. All dressed in tight, skin-toned apparels they tiptoe out of the darkness with a mischievous nod to the audience. An empty performance space is gradually filled with trees, mountains, skyscrapers, a lighthouse and a rusty cab. It is a world similar to ours - with a steady chase after happiness, alongside a strong determination to become someone significant. With YŌKAI, the company focuses on those who fail to achieve either one.

YŌKAI won the 1st prize at the annual Les Plateaux du Groupe Geste(s) 2016 in Paris, elected as the most innovative and promising new production within the physical genre.

To celebrate The Krumple's New York City touchdown, we would like to invite you to a small wine reception on Tuesday, September 12 at 6:30, offering red and white wine, and hors d'oeuvres.

About the Artists


The Krumple is an international theater company based in Oslo and Paris, committed to creating dynamic, daring physical work through expressive movement. Created in 2013 after one year of collaborations and workshops together, the company consists of actors, directors, puppeteers and musicians, all graduates of École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq. Straddling the borders of Norway, Germany, Denmark, France and the United States, The Krumple seeks to create a language without borders through the expression of the human body. Together with the performances Go to Sleep, Goddamnit!, Do Not Feed the Trolls and YŌKAI the company has toured in Norway, Denmark, England, Scotland, Germany, France and the US. The company is a part of Performing Arts Hub Norway.

YŌKAI is supported by Groupe Geste(s), Arts Council Norway, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Royal Norwegian Consulate General New York, Fund for Performing Artists Norway, SPEDIDAM, Municipality of Billom, ECAM - Théâtre du Kremlin-Bicêtre and l’Akuarium.

"”YOKAI is at once tender, harrowing, heart-wrenching and humorous... a hidden gem of mime, magical storytelling and physical theatre, performed by an incredibly imaginative and talented cast. It is unlike any piece of theatre that I have seen before, and is a work of art that remains with you long after you have left and returned home.” Ed Fringe Review"

— Ed Fringe Review

"”A masterclass in physical storytelling... Funny, clever, surreal and visually striking, this imaginative new show from The Krumple is a gift that keeps on giving... The stories themselves are engaging, but it is the method in which they are told that gives YOKAI its gold star. Words are redundant in the face of such astute movement and razor-sharp timing.”"

— The Scotsman

"”This is a perfect mix of physical theatre, mime and magical storytelling. An abundance of tiny props continuously appear on stage, each brought to life by the outstanding cast. The mixture of beautiful (though absurd) images rolling into one another, coming to life with extreme simplicity, is something truly admirable... The perfect representation of the theatre’s magical power.”"

— Threeweeks

Earlier Event: September 10
The Wave
Later Event: September 12
Sam's Tea Shack