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Bad Feelings: Self-Loathe

Bad Feelings is a show about excavation. It is about being a miner in the coal mine of your soul and mind - bringing to the surface the coal you've found at the heart of your existence. Bad Feelings is a show about molding produce that you found in the corner of the fridge and eating it because there's nothing else to eat and you hate yourself. It is a show where we act as each other's shamans in the journey of introspection - our drug: stories - self-involved narratives of self-preservation told out of an act of self-indulgence. Bad Feelings is a storytelling show where we see the darker corners of ourselves. We do not revel in these corners, but shine the light on them so that they are not dark, but are still corners. Y'know, just to see what we find. Bad Feelings.

At Standard ToyKraft
722 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, BK

This month:
Leslie Goshko,
Danny Artese,
Katie Hartman

I love you - he wrote to himself, hoping it was true.