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VHS Presents: August Edition


At Videology
308 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Featuring: Harmon Leon, David Lawson, Zachary Garrett

Hosted by Angel Yau & Nisse Greenberg

VHS Presents is a storytelling show where we travel back to yesterday, when the comedians and storytellers of tomorrow were busy trying to get attention today. In this show some of NYC’s finest performers show the videos they made in their embarrassing youth and tell the stories of their previous self that made that video. From overly earnest interviews about race-relations in America, to Spanish II class projects, to choreographed fight scenes between siblings, to mockumentaries about performance artists made in a suburban mall – here we showcase the artifacts that shaped these performers into the people they are today. Come laugh nostalgically at an era where everything was able to be recorded, but finding an audience was much more difficult – to the era of the VHS.

Come hungry! Videology has gourmet nachos, hot dogs, pretzels and popcorn to munch on during the show.

A monthly series at Videology, presented by The Tank. For future dates, click HERE!