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A Shot in the Dark: Program D by Ben Mann, CeDan Dance Company, Chad Chenail, Mary-Anne Wright, and Nicola McEldowney


About the Program

Featuring new works with no auxiliary power by Ben Mann, CeDan Dance Company, Chad Chenail, Mary-Anne Wright, and Nicola McEldowney

Red, by Ben Mann
From everything to nothing to eventually something, his life couldn't go any less to plan. Watch as he stumbles through every emotion in the book, twice over and then backwards. Aptly named 'Red', his curiosity always gets the better of him and when he stumbles in to the vast vacuum of space anything is possible.

The nose is the smallest mask in the world. It doesn't hide you, it reveals you. Performed by Ben Mann, this clowning showcase explores the intricacies of human behaviour and how we share ourselves with those around us. Using a red nose encourages a sense of fun in the performer - it's learning how to play, to take pleasure in being onstage and in the spotlight, to be complicit with the audience and to show yourself without shying away.

freEntity, by CeDan Dance Company
"I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars." - Og Mandino

CeDan Dance Company is a New York based professional contemporary dance company founded in 2014 and under the artistic direction of Cécilia Daninthe. The Company represents a diverse group of dancers with multi-cultural backgrounds who seek to shed light on issues within the world, and use contemporary movement to explore human behavior. The choreographic language and body movement is a blend of Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Gwo'Ka and other traditional Caribbean dances, which creates a unique repertory.

Refresh, by Chad Chenail
Refresh, created by Chad Chenail and featuring Maggie Borlando and Brett-Marco Glauser, is a movement exploration on how technology has influenced our ability to connect with those around us. In an age where we can be in constant contact with anyone in the world, we often have trouble being truly present with the person standing next to us. This piece hopes to explore what it means to be left in the dark when someone you love is obsessed with the nonphysical world of technology. It is the second piece from the new theatre collective Just Company, who strive to break theatrical boundaries while exploring subject matter routed in technology in order to reach an audience on a personal level. Using only the light and sounds of an iPhone, Refresh puts the struggles of a young couple who can no longer see eye to eye in motion.

Things Unseen, by Mary-Anne Wright
"Here in this place of darkness lies the things I have not told." 

What happens when the dark is no longer used as a tool for hiding but instead becomes the very thing necessary for revelation? Things Unseen follows the story of two pretty and pleasant woman who have refused to admit just how much darkness they inhabit. This is the telling story of two kindred souls who meet in their most hated place and find a way to share their unseen truths. This revelation of a common place in the dark allows them the safety needed to delve into it's waters; to venture into the Things Unseen. Maybe, just maybe, they could finally learn to love the dark.

Puppet Interludes, by Nicola McEldowney
Nicola is a professional puppeteer, director and actress. She performs with puppets for children and open-minded adults throughout the NYC region. She is also the author of the musical "Aisle Six," which made its Off-Broadway debut last year. Nicola will deal with the lighting and sound challenges respectively by affixing a novelty light to herself and being loud.

Part of The Tank's 2014 Dark Fest! Runs July 21-31. Click HERE for more info about other events and performances!


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