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With - A New Film by Mauricio Abascal


About the Film

Camera and a cheap LED light will be stuffed in a bag and taken to a location not predetermined. Camera will be mounted on a tripod and maybe taken off at some point. Artist will dive, drop, or sit. There will be some sort of mess, accident or maybe an ecosystem ­ a scene where disparate objects somehow collaborate or settle with each other. Artist will stop recording at some point and push the video clips together on his computer ­ quickly, even haphazardly.

About the Artist

Mauricio has been playing with cameras since he was 16. His adolescence, which spilled into his twenties, is cataloged on Digital8 tapes, miniDV, and VHS. He has always preferred composition and content over quality of image, though he is currently using a rather pretty­picture­producing camera. Among other things, he teaches food & cooking stuff to teens. His imagery sometimes mimics the feeling of slowly chewing a savory morsel until it is completely mixed with saliva, unrecognizable, and grey, yet very nutritious. He is an improvisational dancer and musician. His video work, also improvisational, is sudden, unplanned, and quickly edited. He prioritizes listening and is excited by accidents.