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Rule of 10: Two Playwrights, Two Readings, Ten Rules


Rule of 10: two playwrights, two readings, ten rules.

An evening of two staged readings, presenting new one-act plays from ROB ASKINS (Hand to God; EST & MCC) and BRETT EPSTEIN (Slaves of our Lives; The Flea). Each original piece had to adhere to the same ten "rules".

THE RULE OF TEN: 1. A character who would exist in a Neil LaBute play. 2. An old character who wears too much makeup. 3. Rob must incorporate the first three shuffled songs on Brett's music playlist; Brett must incorporate the first three shuffled songs on Rob's music playlist. 4. A commercial really affects someone. 5. A scene must include two people texting to each other (audience needs to see or hear what the texts say). 6. On pages 3, 6 and 10: Someone passes gas and tries to hide it. 7. That flatulence brings about a deep revelation from another character. 8. A monologue about the documentary Blackfish. 9. "Hey bud, how's this look?" 10. Within the last few pages: the destruction of furniture.

Later Event: February 14
Another Evening of Awkward Romance