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Frank Tedesso: As If Through A Glass Darkly


Frank Tedesso: As If Through A Glass Darkly

Frank Tedesso is a Folk-musician and Artist~

A " pROud Mad gHoStY techNiquE " Production in association with The Tank

the first presentation of " As if Through a Glass Darkly " a performance in art by Frank Tedeesso. Featuring: 

 a Cello 
      SouLfuL wOMen 
                          certain colours of Blue 
            a Graveyard   
                                       a  BrotheL
 some speaking songs & singing poems
               a confused Clock
 2 Red Flowers
               & a cOcoNut

... Along with many other Escapades & Feats of Wonder ...


                 Peter Lewy 
                             Sanders Calamaro
                  Principal Cellist of the Yiddish Theatre
                                   1919 - 1922

   in this Performance

the role of " frank tedesso " will be played by ...

 ... Dawn Landes ... Stephanie Claire Luzzi ... Janie Mathews 
                    Katy Clements

the feel of rain in the air: Matt Kanelos - piano & glockenspiel

also appearing... 

        frank tedesso as  " the drunken songwriter "

    Sarah Z Wang 
       ninja artist

a sound song of an ft poem by X Baczewska

Joan Racho-Jansen

                       Isadora Duncan