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The Tempest


about the show:

Set in a modern NYC subway this adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest will bring the audience into the mind of Prospero and his journey toward forgiveness, creating links to all New Yorker's and everyone's struggle with the pressures of the modern world. Featuring a minimalist set and costumes, the focus will be put on the fantastical story while allowing room for the imagination of the audience. 

about the artists:

Eureka Suitcase Mission: With classic works as our foundation and drawing on the imagination of professional artists, Eureka Suitcase seeks to inspire audiences, awaken discussion, elevate consciousness, and enrich the global community.

Let's break that down: We're a production company dedicated to the idea that our art is best served by focusing on great stories, exceptional story-telling, and a reverence for the imagination of the actors and audience. Whether it's a new theatrical interpretation of Shakespeare, working with writers to discover a future classic, or a web series based on a classic story line, Eureka is excited to bring entertainment to the people.