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The Dark Festival


In the spirit of greenness, The Tank Theater NYC is turning off the power for 3 days to create The Dark Festival. With no lights, no power to the stage, just the performers and audience in the dark, The Tank is celebrating innovative performance that utilizes self-sufficient and alternative energy sources. Whether we use batteries or a treadmill, we’re presenting original performance works that are performed independently of our electricity. Ranging from 10-15 minutes in length, The Dark Festival will feature an evening of various pieces that will culminate into a full festival of unique and innovative performance in every discipline.

The Dark Festival is curated by Jeremey Catterton

The Dark Festival line up:

"No Play" written by D.J. Mendel "An excerpt from a new work by the downtown veteran."

Drum Machine Dating Service "Music with DS-10, Polychord, piano and Casios."

"Start by Pushing on Your Eyeballs" by Ben Gansky "A piece of autotheatre."

The Oval Portrait by Edgar Alan Poe, Adapted for the Stage by Christopher & Justin Swader "A tale recounted while flames flicker and candle wax drips, a man is haunted by a lifelike portrait of a young woman."

30,000 Kilohertz of Sound "BAD radio theater."

"Where is the Ocean Now?" by Lamb Lays with Lion "A perfectly legitimate question."

"Untitled #1 / After Poland" by Jesse Bonnell (Aug 17th only) "Bonnell looks at punishment in the Middle Ages as means of physical endurance and appropriation of ancient myth."

EGG (no august 16th) "selfies"