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EPIC WIN Burlesque Presents: My Little Pony


About My Little Pony

"Get your muzzle out of those books and make some friends!" Is what Princess Celestia told Twilight Sparkle. She later added "Now cover yourselves in rhinestones and put on a burlesque show!"

And that's what Epic Win is planning to do. A burlesque show with, big adventure, tons of fun, glitter, sharing, boobs and wigs that look like they were made out of candy.

Watch this technicolor rainbow of burlesque talent as it explores friendship, adventure, and the unsettling feelings that Rarity's mane engenders.


Nasty Canasta Hazel Honeysuckle Stella Chuu Minnie Di'Moocha Kita St. Cyr Anja Keister

Hosted by Miss Mary Cyn and Kittened by Charles Stunning.

For Nerds! By Nerds! About EPIC WIN

Vaudevillian Nelson Lugo and the four-eyed foxes of EPIC WIN shamelessly and lovingly embrace their geekiest interests to produce and host epic evenings of nerd-themed events. Evenings filled with music, laughs and magic... but mostly, scantily clad burlesque beauties paying homage to some of their most beloved pastimes.

Epic Win Burlesque continues to be one of the nerdiest burlesque shows in town, having staged such shows as Video Game Vixens, Holy Shit...Batman, Ghostbusters, Rated R for Violence, The Star Debate: Trek vs. Wars and Firefly Burlesque since forming in 2009. Shows such as The New Nerd Review, GeekBoys Burlesque, The Spoken Nerd and Bastardpiece Theater are not only covering topics such as video games, comic books and sci-fi but they are always being explored and celebrated in the most awesome way possible... with semi-naked-nerds!

Magic, Music, Nerdcore, Timely Pop-Culture References and Sexy Geek Girls! This ain't no convention cosplay...this is nerdy burlesque...THIS IS EPIC WIN!

Later Event: June 14
Rule of 8