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Rule of 8


about the show.

A sequel to the "great night of theatre" and a "massive success*" called Rule of 7, it's time for RULE OF 8!

Rule of 8 is staged readings of two new one-act plays from Brett Epstein (The Flea) and Chris Sullivan (EST YoungBlood). Each original piece had to adhere to the same eight "rules." . -- THE RULES:
1) A doctor.
2) An unexpected kiss on page 11.
3) One character is onstage from the start, but has no dialogue until page 4.
4) It's been raining.
5) A monologue revealing a secret.
6) A character quotes the Wilson Phillips song "Hold On" at some point.
7) This exact line on page 5--> "I was like 'no no no no no, for the love of god NO, I would rather kill myself.'... But then I did it anyways."
8) The final moment of the play--> One character, alone on stage, says "No, wait." Blackout.

"The Closing Doors" is written by Chris Sullivan, directed by Courtney Ulrich. "Escape from Fat Camp" is written by Brett Epstein, directed by Danya Taymor.

Featuring: Jamie Bock, Layla Khoshnoudi, Adam Lebowitz-Lockard, Alex Mandell, Zac Moon and Sean McIntyre.

Later Event: June 19
The Lonesome West