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Pier Valentino's: Show Without End! (The Final Broadcast)

  • The Tank 312 West 36th Street New York, NY, 10018 United States (map)
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You're invited to a developmental presentation of: Pier Valentino's: Show Without End! (The Final Broadcast).

Is there a tear in your eye, cuz the end is nigh? You’re not alone gentle freaks and humble geeks! From the basement of Pier’s mother’s Foccaceria, ‘Show Without End!’ has broadcast for over a decade between midnight and 4am every Monday (and occasional Thursday), just after Barry Weatherjam’s Bagpipe and Kazoo Jamboree to various Bay Area public access channels, and to homes across the country with mighty rabbit ear antennae. And in the hour (or so) before the asteroid Ishtar collides with our trembling planet and rear ends us into eternal oblivion, Pier would like you to consider yourself welcome to share the end…on the final broadcast of Show Without End!

This is from Pier: “All praise the Olive Duchess, who is all things, and who is me, and who is you. May we strut, as the Duchess does, through what remains of this existence, and into the next existence, once the approaching asteroid rear ends us off the galactic highway and into the deep, cold, oxygen-less vacuum that is the Milky Way. My humble freaks, my gentle geeks. Let me be your steadfast Captain through this last dark night. Consider yourself welcome to share the end with me, on the final Show Without End.”

“wonderfully campy and deeply hilarious...a play of such clear promise... layered in dark humor....Layered in dark humor and cunningly simple in its staging, “Pier Valentino’s: Show Without End (The Final Broadcast)” is a treat for anyone with a fondness for hammy theatrics and charming oddities, The well‑meaning TV host is something of a neurotic mess, albeit kind, soft‑spoken and endlessly endearing.... adorably sympathetic” –All About Solo review (4.5 out of 5 Stars)

Recorded Voice Work in the show by
Jen Anaya
Rami Margron
Sean Walton
Oona Cowie

Nico began development on this project with the support of the Grange Hall Cultural Center in Waterbury, VT and will be returning in March to perform the full length show. The show had an acclaimed developmental run at the inaugural So-fi Festival at Torn Page in NYC and has received ongoing directorial and dramaturgical support from Nidia Medina. Nico also performs as Pier in variety evenings that have included Symphonics Live at Bowery Poetry Club and Fear/Love at 61 Local, and Pier’s Imaginary Friend Cabaret just had its first tryout here at The Tank. This piece is part of a thematic trilogy, the other two of which are plays: Private Catholic Mixtape ’89-’01 and A Priori A Posteriori. For more info on Nico’s work, please visit:

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