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Mr. Liz's One [wo] Man Show: [Living in the In-Between]

  • The Tank NYC 312 West 36th Street, 1st Floor New York, NY 10018 (map)


$20 General
$15 Students/Seniors

For 30 years my Dad thought he was a girl. This is the story of how he found himself. William Bouk, Age 8

Musical theater songs and spoken word follow Lizs journey as he searches for his true self. Through childhood, puberty, early marriage, childbirth, and young adult-hood, Liz perseveres and recklessly creates: all the while discovering a pattern of unconventional gender roles in his own life. Only at the end of the show, when Liz stops pretending to be a woman, do we encounter the fullest expression of himself.

Bouk, with the help of his friend playwright/librettist Bea Goodwin, curated a collection of his journal entries, photos, paintings, and memories for a theatrical one-man show. It was important to the creative team to write an artistic piece of healing that also challenges how gender roles confine us all.

From hiding up in a tree to jumping into the Erie Canal to an obsessive crush on a Disney character to panic in womens dressing rooms to potty training in his 30s, Liz tells his story with grace and humor.


Script Co-Written by Bea Goodwin & Mr. Liz Bouk

Elizabeth Anna Dromgold-Bouk and Liz Bouk played by Mr. Liz Bouk

Special Guests: Dan Bouk, William Bouk, Grandma Bill (1913-2006)

Collaborative Pianist: Kathryn Olander

Director: Bea Goodwin

Stage Manager: Nicholle Bittlingmeyer

Set Design: Maria Torffield

Lighting Design: Luther Frank

Photos: Walter F. Rodriguez