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GenEquality - Community Showcase

Join us at the GenEquality - Community Showcase to hear and share meaningful actions that people take in their daily lives in order to move the needle a little closer to gender equality. Featuring a diverse line-up of storytellers - most of whom don’t engage in storytelling for a living - this event is an opportunity to inspire and be inspired. 

By sharing these anecdotes and stories, our storytellers provide inspiration for the rest of us as we collectively seek to create positive change. Whether you’re a public servant, a financial analyst, a programmer, an activist, an artist, a manager, or something in between – we believe that you have an inspiring story within you. If you're interested in sharing your story as well, contact us! 

About genEquality:
genEquality is a nonprofit organization on a mission to activate gender equality, with and for everyone. We use art, design, fashion, and technology to positively influence culture change - in peer groups, in workplaces, and in our wider society.

GenEquality - Community Showcase is presented as part of Speak Up Rise Up 2018, curated and produced by Asher Novek and Speak Up, Rise Up in association with The Tank.