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Figures in Skating

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General $12

Honoring the history of eight figures from the world of competitive women's figure skating, Karl Jones presents an interactive puppet cabaret complete with camel spins, triple axles and illegal back flips. Through an onslaught of performance including puppetry, sing-alongs, flea circuses, and an array of other sense-based experiences, the audience explores the personal and professional narratives of Surya Bonaly, Midori Ito, Dorothy Hamill, Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan, Debi Thomas, Kristi Yamaguchi and Brian Boitano. Figures in Skating is presented by the Karl Marks Children's Hour and the Tulsa Artist Fellowship, a cultural initiative of the George Kaiser Family Foundation.

Music, Words, Experiences and Puppets by Karl Jones / Poster Design by Liam Donnelly