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Dance Moms

  • The Tank 312 West 36th Street, 1st Floor New York, NY, 10018 United States (map)
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It’s heady times for the Slotted Spoons, a dance troupe of four middle-aged moms. The mayor’s retirement celebration will be the biggest show of their lives, but the moms need a new choreographer, and they need one fast. Fortune upon fortunes, their fearless leader, Jenny Hu, has secured the services of an exquisitely, hauntingly, unconventional young woman named India (no relation to the country) who soon has the Spoons whipped up into some kind of a… a… well, it’s not a dance, exactly? There’s a lot of soul-baring. Maybe too much. And a huge bag of what they’re told is just sweet, sweet, candy.

Cast: Keiko Agena, Noreen Farley, Vanessa Kai, Alice Kremelberg, Sheila Stasack

Stage directions: Jean Goto

Directed by: Jessica O’Hara-Baker

Written by: Ying Ying Li