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The Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds Reading.jpg


The Rule of Thirds
by Jacqueline Bircher
a staged reading

Meg McCrossen
Hakim Rashad McMillan
Kristin Parker
Clare Solly

Directed by Amy Taylor Rosenblum

About the play:
Years after the death of their mother, sisters Leslie and Stef return to Staten Island to clean out the childhood home their widowed father left behind. When their estranged younger sister Christine arrives to claim her share of the estate, the three women find themselves unearthing not just family heirlooms, but the deep secrets and harsh realities of their past lives and decisions.

About the Bechdel Group:
The Bechdel Group is a theatre company that produces free monthly workshop readings, regular events, and annual staged performances that foster new, dynamic roles for female actors, with the goal of changing audience expectations of women in entertainment as a first step toward changing the world expectation for the role of women in society.