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If Women Rose Rooted

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“The more you know of your history, the more liberated you are.” - Maya Angelou

In the Otherworld, the land of the fairy folk, wisdom is possessed by women. One day, the Queen of the fairies sent out a call to women around the world to come to the Otherworld and receive the gift of that great wisdom.

‘If Women Rose Rooted' is a piece that explores the femininity and culture through the wisdom shared by those who came before us, and through our experiences today. Drawn from mythology and folklore coupled with the personal experiences of women today, ‘If Women Rose Rooted' explores the power and pain of femininity, and reminds us all of those powerful women who came before us.

Cast and creative team include: Melissa Mowry (Director), Jessica Fichter (Assistant Director), Marcella Adams, Titania Galliher, Jessica Panora, Lucy Lewis (Performers)