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STUNTED: web series

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Stunted is a dark comedy about what it means to be in that space between where you are and where you want to be. With laughter and frustration, we watch as five discontented dreamers struggle to achieve their life goals as momentum and monetary issues threaten to consume them. The interconnected ensemble narrative humorously wrestles with hopelessness and expectation as comparison culture weeds through their generation.

Set Photographer- Jonathan Cruz

Promotional Editor- Michelle Cevallos

Cast: Miranda- Alexis Atkinson

Toby- Fernando Borrego

Jarielle- Nicheal Gadson

Cydra- Sharae Moultrie

Abraham- Malik Reed

Episode 1: Playing House--After a dramatic encounter in IKEA, Miranda and Toby evaluate the progress of their relationship.

Directed by Nicheal Gadson

Cinematography by Tahseen Rabbi

Edited by Quincey Kai

Episode 2: Split the Bill--Best friends Jarielle and Miranda have a heart to heart about what's currently troubling them in life over a shared meal.

Directed by Octavia Clahar,

Cinematography by Tahseen Rabbi & Tarrik Thomas

Production Assistant- Jonathan Cruz

Waiter- Nicholas Radulescu,

Edited by Quincey Kai

Episode 3: Fake It 'Til You Make It-- Cydra and Jarielle consider moving in together while trying to break up the monotony of the work day and their lives.

Directed by Alexis Atkinson,

Customer- Vanessa Venturi

Edited by Michelle Cevallos

Creator & Executive Producer- Alexis Atkinson
Assistant Director- Rei Park
Promotional Art- Rosangela C. Melendez

Promotions coordinator- Brenda Thomas

"Life we lead" (Stunted theme song ) Alexis Atkinson


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