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The LIT Hour



The LIT Hour is a June 3rd PRESENTATION at the Tank of excerpts from the 7 new plays written in LIT Council, a bold development intensive supporting Male Playwrights of Color. 

a sparse  white by  Nikhil  Mahapatra 
A  young  artist,  an  older  artist,  several  museum  staff and  a  host  of  donors  must  grapple  with  the  presence of  opioid  abuse  across  history  and  continents  as  well as  in  art  and  money.

JOY  COMES IN THE MORNING  by  Marcus  Scott 
Joy,  a  young  Black  teenage  girl,  and  her  new  best  friend  Marisol,  a  second  generation  Latinx from  New  Mexico  dream  of  being  the  next  wrestling  superstars  and  get  the  chance  of  a  life time  when  a  world  international  wrestling  enterprise  begins  scouting  fresh-faced  talent. However,  when  Joys  party  monster  sister  rolls  into  town  and  Marisols  father  suggest relocating,  the  girls  are  put  to  the  test  to  make  their  dreams  come  true.

Black Me Out by Beto O'Byrne
Inspired by the album Transgender Dysphoria Blues by Against Me!, the fictional punk rock band The Suspect Device, and those close to them are rocked when the lead singer comes out as transgender to the punk community.

bless your filthy lil heart by Akin Salawu
On the day the Pretty Pretty Boys are publicly lynched for violating the morality laws of Five Fingers , the mother of one of the boys incites a revolution.

Story Avenue by Mel Nieves
A group of childhood friends try to navigate the maze of their day to day adult working class family life along with the fears of being just a paycheck away from finding themselves living out on the streets

The Electric Lady by Ja'Michael Darnell
In a world where the stars are surely closer, a young woman in a small southern town receives a book in the mail that gives her more power than she has ever had. In order to keep her power, she has three days to decide if she will take the mission of a celestial fugitive to write the history of the future.

Dognap on Dekalb by Benjamin Colón
In the Bronx a grieving woman tracks down the pizza delivery guy she thinks stole her son's dog.

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