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When We Went Electronic

Leggings Inverted (1).jpg

Beneath everyone’s Ray-Bans lurks a dark secret. Brittany + Bethany, two hot n’ stupid American Apparel models attempt to retrace their vodka-seltzer-soaked steps of the prior evening. Through a series of provocative poses and electro-pop beats, the girls connect the dot-dot-dots and the memory they find is much more horrifying than an ellipses.

Free Reading

Sunday August 19th  -  3pm

98 Seat theater


Runtime 80 minutes


Kelechi Ezie (Brittany)


Amanda Dolan (Bethany)


Sarah Frances Cagianese (Composer) 


Caitlin Saylor Stephens (Playwright) 


Meghan Finn (Director) 

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