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We Will Not Describe the Conversation: A Staged Reading by Eugenie Carabatsos


This play is inspired by a sentence in Crime and Punishment, a scene that Dostoyevsky chose not to write. In the novel, Raskolnikov, a struggling ex-student, commits a grisly murder: killing two elderly women with an axe. He later confesses his crime to his lover, Sonya, who in turn discusses his crime with his sister, Dunya. Readers don’t get to know much about this conversation between the two women though, for all the author writes is “We will not describe the conversation and the tears of the two girls, and how friendly they became.” This sentence became the inspiration for this play, although the connection to Crime and Punishment stops here. 

Candace Janée
Nancy Nagrant
DazMann Still

Directed by Aliza Sarian

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The Bechdel Group is a theatre company that produces free monthly workshop readings, regular events, and annual staged performances that foster new, dynamic roles for female actors, with the goal of changing audience expectations of women in entertainment as a first step toward changing the world expectation for the role of women in society.

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