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Dave's Friends Presents: Corporate Cynicism Hour


Dave's Friends is putting on their pleated pants and firing up Microsoft Office Suite to bring office themed sketch comedy hilarity! Come see this show and then talk about it around the water cooler the next day!

Or don't, and let the existential angst build inside until you flip your desk and storm out, screaming about how Kevin in finance hangs out in the kitchen too much and chews way too loudly.

The choice is yours!

Bill Moore is a comedian, writer, and filmmaker. He is the personal assistant to the comedian Chuck Nice. He edits video content for StarTalk All Access. He is also a featured voice on the CBS Radio Podcast “Not So Nice Advice.” He hops you enjoy the show and feel compelled to give us a TV Show... ha ha— but really, please?

Maya Graffagna. Recent credits include Costume Director at the Maryland Institute College of Art's Rivals of the West company, Costume Designer for White Rabbit Tales: Tales for Adults(Spotlight On!), and Costume Consultant for PLACES (Parity Productions and Yonder Window Theatre Company). She is also a Graphic Designer at Parity Productions. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, and hope you enjoy the show!

Ariel Leigh has held over 30 jobs in her short life, so witness the fruit of those experiences! Recent credits include Puppeteering for the Cement Theater Company, directing Mixing Marx with Madness at Dixon Place, "X" in The Vengeance Room for the FRIGID festival, directing Two Gentlemen of Verona (A Swashbuckling Comedy!) with the C.A.G.E Theater Company, & co-creating Doing The Thing for the Boulder Fringe Festival. Ariel also sings at cabaret venues across the city. Thanks to the cast, crew, family, and friends!

Matthew Schrader is an actor and improviser, and can be seen on The Travel Channel, Discovery ID, Oxygen, and a public access station somewhere in Wisconsin. Matthew performs with several improv groups, including The Internet Disagrees, King Crab, and The Boozeroom, can be seen on Youtube with The Flavor Department and Wanda & Pietro at Home, and appears every now and then in The Armory series Shot4Shot Remake.

Earlier Event: July 18
Later Event: July 19