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Armory Improv House Teams Season Premiere Part 2


We're back and we're ready to rock! For $5 see a high energy night of improv like you haven't seen before.

CUTE! is... Rachel Clayton Jack Rokicki Charles Stcharles Neil Rohit Mallinar Sylvie Borschel Jacob Halberg Allison Kilkenny Tim Canty Jerry Burgos

PARLIAMENT is... Mary Clohan Sarah Kim Eddy Cara Mark X Guinn Rob Ferries Christopher Jewels Booth Emilia Horn Katie Lazarus Justin McElwee

NEW TEAM SAM THE EAGLE is... Matthew A. Schrader Sarah Kimball Matt Caron Rob Spenser Jeffrey Lois-Lane Copeland Jason Specland Laura Merli Tony DeFeo Dominique Salerno

SCOFFLAW is.. Paul Wielunski Julie St Carolyn Cox Marcus Bishop Wright Dan Dobransky Megan Sugrue Scott Benjamin Brennan Lowery Jaime Fallon

Hosted by: Paul Pallotta Teched by: Mark X Guinn