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Shot4Shot: Return of the Jedi


Shot4Shot is simple. We take your favorite movie script and blind cast the whole thing then do a drinking game/reading. Come have fun with us. May the force be with you always.


THE CAST Stage Directions: Marissa Stuart Drink Ref: Erik J. Lundstrom Luke... Rachel Clayton Leia/Boushh.. Patrick Reidy Han Solo: Leah Evans Chewbacca: Matthew A. Schrader R2D2: Pedro Lee C3P0: Marcus Haugen (covering for David Steele) Darth Vader: Julie St Yoda: Susan Widdicombe Lando: Langston Belton

STORMTROOPER CHORUS... Wedge/Oola/Wicket/Second Commander... Mike Spara Shuttle Captain/Strange Voice/Rancor/Piett/Green Leader/Red Two/Pilot 2... Geoff Grimwood (debut!) Ben Kenobi/Shuttle Captain/Scout 1/Commander... Heather Jewels Booth Jaba the Hut/Opening Crawl/Emperor/Guard/Logray... Sarah Taylor Boba Fett/Ackbar/Gray Leader/Rebel Pilot.... Justin McElwee Death Star Controller/JerJerrod/Sarlac/Paploo/Red Three/Y Wing Pilot... Spencer Meade Officer/Bib/Mon Mothma/Chief Chirpa/Stormtrooper/Walker Pilot 1... Andrea Coleman (debut!) Operator/Nine Denine/General Madine/Scout 2/Red Leader/Bunker Commander/Navigator/Pilot... Jared Wilder

On the keys... Jonathan Portee Foley... Christopher Jewels Booth

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