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Robin Hood Now


Spark breathes new life into the legend of Robin Hood by combining dance, storytelling, and real stories from real kids about doing good for others. Children’s stories are woven together to create an exciting and modern plot with a resounding emphasis on working together to make small and big impacts on the world. Robin is inspired to become an active part in her community and creates “Green Hoods for Good,” a space for children to share their worries and challenges. Robin and her friends spring into action by inventing, recycling, creating, and more, all while trying to find a way to celebrate a park that is to be closed down. Throughout the show audience members will dance in their seats, or even on the stage, and they’ll help Robin and her friends celebrate the park by generating new dance moves!

Featuring Serena Chang, Matt Dittes, Melissa Herchakowski, Isaac Lerner, Brandon Manderson, Kristen Santos, Michelle Thomspon Ulerich, and Reginald Webber Jr.
Choreography by Chelsea Koenig
Lighting design by Steph Wessels
Costumes by Emily Waters