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The Night Hides a World


About the Show

Jamie Leo ended up having a relationship to Iran for many decades. Meet the Iranian National Women’s Hockey Team captain; an Iranian/US gay couple with a 30-year age difference, in love for 20 years; a Shirazi one-man- band tourguide driver; a psychotherapist’s transgender patients; an architectural historian’s secret; joyful Persian New Year (Nowruz), Passover Seder, Armenian Easter and Nuclear Treaty celebrations. He did not see Bibi’s, nor your Mullah’s Iran.

About The Artists

Jamie works in multiple creative disciplines. An Albee Fellow with eight produced plays and collaborations with Deb Margolin, Sebastian Stuart, Lisa Kron, and Theodora Skipitares, Jamie’s writing is seen in The Drama Review, Huffington Post, OUT, Resilience…). His newest play ‘In What You Call The Dark’ has upcoming multi-city readings, and he’s writing book and lyrics for a musical about the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention with composer Paul Leschen.

Also an accomplished new-media artist, he was a designer on B’way’s RENT, award- winning video/theatrical designs (some legendary!) and art installations, he is receiving commissions on his new die-infused- pigment-on- aluminum works.