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About The Show

Epic: a show dedicated to making a big deal out of nothing. Broken pencils. Spilled donuts. Dead Cell phones. Hear dramatic retellings of everyday, trivial problems set to classical music.

About The Artists

Epic is produced and hosted by Amamah Sardar and Laura Merli.

Amamah Sardar is a standup comedian, storyteller, and writer based in New York City. She draws inspiration from her Muslim and Pakistani roots as well as her former career as a high school teacher. She has performed at clubs and venues throughout the east coast including frequent appearances at the Comedy Connection. You can follow her on twitter @amamahsardar.

Laura Merli is a standup comedian, writer, and podcaster. She currently writes and acts on a sketch house team at the PIT, Road Pizza. Her podcast, “How to be Less Awkward,” features real-life stories of embarrassment from a wide variety of open-to-sharing-types. She's also contributed to Reductress, The Hard Times, and McSweeney’s. You can watch her sketch videos at and read her thoughts on twitter @passiveabrasive.

Earlier Event: March 23