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We Put Jokes in Your Face


We Put Jokes in Your Face is a stand-up show that Mark and Marisela started at a small bar in Chinatown. After looking for a new home for sometime they had the good sense to reach out to the fine people at The Tank and voila, We Put Jokes in Your Face is reborn.

About the Artists

Mark Volinski is a stand-up comic, writer and copywriter. One of his passions is the town website he created for a town that he imagined. You can read all about it here:

Marisela Gonzalez is an actor, comic and writer. You can read some of her humor on her medium page

Subhah Agarwal: Subhah's parents immigrated from India to small town America so their children could live the American dream. And by American dream I mean grow up comfortably enough to think pursuing 'art' is a good idea. She has since become a headlining comedian who has appeared on Comedy Central, Tru Tv, and MTV. She is currently writing on The Jim Jefferies Show for Comedy Central.

Janet Hyde: Janet Hyde is a Brooklyn-based comedian and storyteller. She's the creator of Dude Talks to a Lady, a podcast in which she interviews male comics about jokes about women. She also co-hosts and produces Female Comedians (With Tits!), a popular monthly show in Bed Stuy.

Ajai Raj: Ajaj has been performing standup comedy for about five years. Beginning in the clubs and bars of New York City, where he is not from, Ajai has performed all over the country, and even all over the world. It's not like anyone bought him a plane ticket, but still. A little money, a sandwich, a coffee, a green room-- these things go a long way when you're used to being paid in sewer rats and sharp smacks to the noggin. Ajai has performed in the Boston Comedy Festival and the Standup 360 Comedy Festival. Where Ajai is from is Texas.

Ryan Dee: There once was a man from Nantucket, but he has nothing to do with me; Im Ryan. My parents have always said that Im funny, friends tell me Im funny looking but its the people closest to me that say, something smells funny. I wrote jokes for Joan Rivers on her hit E! Network show Fashion Police for the 2 years leading up to her death. I then faced the barren winters of unemployment which bled into the summers and then back into winter. Ive since eked my way on stage and have been bumbling around for nearly 5 whole years, but I make it seem like 2. Technically its 4 and 1/4 but whos counting. Please watch me when I go up, dont be alarmed and indulge in what could only be described as the fruit of my loins.

Earlier Event: January 16
Later Event: January 17