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3rd Annual We're Trying Here: 24 Hour Comedy Festival

The 24 Hour Line-Up

Hosted by: Leah Evans, Will Dietzler, Evan Zelnick 
Tech: Pete Staiano

September 23rd

7 PM - Indie Hour 
Tapas & Table Dances, Screwdriverz, The Internet Disagrees 
Standup: Harrison Greenbaum (America’s Got Talent) 

8 PM - Indie Hour 
Straight White Men, I Swear To God Carol, Board of Directors, King Crab 
Standup: Nat Towsen 

9 PM - Sketch Block 
The Armory Sketch Team 
Standup: Emily Billing 

10 PM - It Takes Two (Duos) 
Bryan Packman, Two Boobs, The Boozeroom, Big Fire! 
Standup: Erica Johnson 

11 PM - Indie Hour 
Open, Evey and Jonathan (Will and Leah), Savage, 2 Chairz, The Plan 
Standup: Kevin Hall 

September 24

12 AM - Indie Hour 
Flat Cat, The Panel, DIQ Project, Sunday Sundae 
Standup: Khalid Rahmaan 

1 AM - 3 AM : After (Before) Dance Party 

3 AM - Late Night Improv Jam 
Hosted by: Mark Levy 

4 AM - 6 AM : The Room Viewing 
Hosted by: Eddy Cara and Leah Evans 

Hosted by: Michael Williams 
Featuring: Trump Rally Dancers (David Fried), Your Parents Were Wrong (Leah), and any other bits that you may have. 

7 AM - Lets Get Weird 
Unicorn Women, Tarot Reading: The Rock Edition, The Gimmick and You 
Standup: Jared Laxer recaps the festival even though he’s sleepy 

9 AM - It Takes Two (Duos) 
34/36, Moon Boys, Hollywood Blondes, Shewitt, Suicide Pact 

10 AM - Indie Hour 
Jane Don’t, Bad Mittens, Wunderacktion, Peachel and Jeem, Hobbyhorse 

11 AM - Indie Hour 
Thank You Spaceman, The Puritans, Stove’s Cabin Crew, Burt Reynolds Imaginary Friends 
Standup : Stephanie Holmes 

12 PM- Duo Hour 
Two Straight Men, Naked Sushi!, Madeleine and Shane, Nitenbox, Geisha Gravy 
Standup: Elon Altman 

1 PM - Indie Hour 
Towels, Pony Danza, Best Hair, Bougie 
Standup: Dylan Palladino 

2PM - Indie Hour 
Bad People, Miracle Horse, Banshee, Marmite Schmear 
Standup: Jax Dell’Osso 

3 PM - Indie Hour 
Bacon Jam, Definitely Humans, Canadian Boyfriend, Mister Danger, Tickle Rock 

4 PM - Indie Hour 
Rivals, Alpaca, Pals, Lazy Fair, Butter 
Standup: Gregory Hall 

5 PM - Improv Hour 
New Tork, 50 Shades of Brown, Stranded, Mystery Machine 
Standup: Veronica Garza 

6 PM - Sketch Hour 
Seafood Mayhem/Seduction In The Animal Kingdom 
Standup: Shawn Wickens 

Honey Nut, Butterfly Kisses, Frog Basket, Punch 
Standup: Aviva Woolf 

Earlier Event: September 23
Elmer the Duck
Later Event: September 26
We Put Jokes in Your Face