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  • The Tank 151 W 36th New York NY 10036 (map)

A variety show of work all done with no lights from our grid as part of our annual summer Dark Fest!


Refracted Part 1

Refracted Part 1 is the first in an anticipated series of works that explore the result of bending light, images, and information depending on the medium through which they are delivered. This first part focuses on the human body. We explore how the body looks as individual parts, in reflection, and distorted through both prisms and shadows. Through this exploration we hope to present a portrayal of the beauty of the human form even when viewed in such an altered state. By Maya Kite and Dancers.


Damascus...a walled-off, city of the future that sees no light. During the annual Day of Hope festival, light appears and all is changed forever. Complete with song, movement and puppetry, this piece will explore how community and humanity co-exist as extensions of each other.

Ignis Fatuus

"Ignis Fatuus" means foolish fire in Latin, and was another name for Will o the Wisps-- phantom lights that lead weary travelers into marshes and bogs to their doom in European folklore. Collaging found text from current news sources, political speeches, science fiction texts, and popular culture, Ignis Fatuus satirizes contemporary political discourse, with actors in glowing mouths leading the audience into the marshy and bog-like depths of American political culture.

I Once Found Myself in an Isolation Chamber

A man finds himself in a closet that hes paid to be locked inside of for an hour. A less than amused dominatrix sits eating Chinese food outside the closet door. The man realizes that his intense need to claim an identity only leads him into further isolation, and that none of it matters if no one knows about it anyway. Through shadow puppetry, projections, an unsettlingly familiar soundscape and distorted lenses, we witness an absurd proclamation of identity in front of a false, time sensitive audience.

This play is about narcissism, isolation, darkness, and a beautifully failed attempt at identity. It draws source material from a collection of poems by Shuntaro Tanikawa entitled Two Billion Light Years of Solitude, as well as interviews with a former dominatrix, a few best friends, dreams/nightmares, Timothy Speed Levitch, and my own psychosis.

A Shot in the Dark is part of DarkFest. For more shows and the amazing line up, click here:

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