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The Missing Shade of You

  • The Tank 151 West 46th Street New York, NY, 10036 United States (map)

About The Show

What happens when you face a choice that plunges you into the unknown—a choice of whether to accept a job that requires you to move to a different country, whether to become a parent, or whether to undergo medical treatments that can change your mood, your lifestyle, your gender? How can you decide what to do now, given that you don’t know what your life will be like or even who you may be afterwards? You may learn by experience, but how can the past inform your future choices given the scourge of time on memory? THE MISSING SHADE OF YOU: A DANCE DIALOG BETWEEN L.A. PAUL AND MARCEL PROUST harnesses movement, music and the spoken word to explore two approaches to these questions: that of the contemporary philosopher L.A. Paul, who maintains that you can make such choices only by asking yourself, “What future am I most curious about?” and that of the early twentieth century writer Marcel Proust, who suggests that art may provide the insight you need to make an informed decision. Proust fans will take delight in the allusions to some of their favorite passages from In Search of Lost Time, while Paul fans will enjoy seeing how her theory of transformative choice can be embodied in dance. And those familiar with neither author will get a taste of what they’ve been missing. Whose view best fits with your experience? Stay for the post-performance panel discussion and complimentary drink to voice your opinion and find out. (See for more information about the show.)

About the Artists

Inspired by the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein’s pronouncement, “What can be shown, cannot be said,” LOGOS DANCE COLLECTIVE employs movement and music to explore ideas that skirt the boundary between the expressible and the inexpressible, the linguistic and the nonlinguistic, the concrete and the abstract. The collective, a fluctuating assemblage of dancers, choreographers, musicians, composers, designers, cartographers, and philosophers, rebels against disciplinary constraints as it investigates how ideas that are typically relegated to the ivory tower — ideas about the limits of human knowledge, the nature of consciousness, the artistic possibilities engendered by transhumansim, the moral and political repercussions of seeing the world from only one point of view, and more —can be not only shown through dance, music and visual art, but also probed by creative processes that employ these mediums.

Created and Performed by: Theresa Duhon (Artistic Director, Duhon Dance) Patra Jongjitirat (Map-maker, As the Crow Walks) Gregory Kollarus (Dance Instructor, The Studio of Commack) Barbara Gail Montero (Associate Professor of Philosophy, City University of New York)

In Collaboration with Performers:

Dean James Beckwith, dancer

Nora Fox, vocalist

Richard Inkyu Kim, violist

Priscilla Marrero, dancer

Jules Salomone, spoken word

Lutin Tanner, dancer

And Featuring an Original Score by:

Dmitri Tymoczko (Professor of Music, Princeton University)

The Philosophy Panelists

Saturday, March 4:

Elisabeth Camp (Professor of Philosophy, Rutgers)

Nick Riggle (Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of San Diego)

Sunday, March 5:

Kyle Bukhari (Professor of Dance, Sarah Lawrence College)

Lydia Goehr (Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University)

This event is made possible in part by a grant from the American Society for Aesthetics.


Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in the program do not necessarily represent those of the American Society for Aesthetics.

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