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Netflix and No Chill Holiday Spectacular

Tired of watching movies and seeing only white people in it? With their white problems. Don't worry, No Chill is here to fix all of Hollywood's diversity issues. Come watch as they take the whitest Holiday movies , suggested by the audience, and remake them with an all POC cast. Just like a Wayan's parody, they're going to black wash the fuck out of them. The best part is it's ALL IMPROVISED. No Chill is Shenovia Large, Will Martinez, X Mayo, and Michael Poole.


No Chill will also bring some of the dopest homies do to Hood Water. Hood Water is a performance where one actor and one improviser share the stage. The actor has memorized dialogue from your favorite hood movies, rap songs, or TV Shows. The improviser has no idea what the scene will be before hand. The will both try to make it a scene.