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Bird and Friends Cosmic Unity

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Bird believes that PLAY is the natural state of the world. With over 13 years of improv experience in Austin, Washington DC, Chicago and now New York City, Bird has decided to share his spirit of play directly with the audience.

In "Bird and Friends - Cosmic Unity," Bird takes the stage solo and gives anyone, and any number, in the audience permission to jump into his set at any time. That means if YOU are currently reading this, YOU could jump into Bird's improvised universe. In the past, in addition to other improvisers, Bird has been pleasantly surprised to have dancers, rappers, musicians, and people who have never done improv join him from the audience. Whatever your spirit of play, if you're so inspired, Bird would love to have you join his cosmic universe of improv.

This very special Bird and Friends - Cosmic Unity will be joined by the Cosmic Unity Band who will be playing with and supporting everything that happens.

Bird and Friends - Cosmic Unity has performed at the People's Improv Theatre, Reckless Theatre, and various indy venues around New York City and recently performed in Washington D.C.'s 5th Annual District Improv Festival in 2017.

About the Artists

The Cosmic Unity Band is:

Ethan Exacto Scott - BEATBOX Angelo Di Loreto - KEYS Dejen Tesfagiorgis - SAX Zen Anton - GUITAR Erek Smith - BASS Fat Doc - HYPE MAN

Earlier Event: December 15
Later Event: December 16