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The Prequels


The Prequels is a one-man show about those three Star Wars movies most people hated. About how art can mean something different at different ages, discovering the limits of one’s own nerddom, the thrill of watching a movie stoned, the final massive cultural event before social media took over, telling the elder at synagogue you think the anti-Semitic character is comedy gold, and the warmth of loving a certain movie trilogy that is so universally hated. 

For over ten years David Lawson has performed one-man shows such as Flyer Guy (about working on the streets of Times Square), Insomnia in Space (sleeplessness and outer space), Floundering About (9/11 from a Washington, DC perspective), No Oddjob (video games), and more. His one-man show about porn, VCR Love, has been published by Original Works Publishing. Lawson has performed on the popular storytelling shows Mortified, Kevin Allison’s RISK!, and Mara Wilson’s What Are You Afraid Of? and on comedy shows with performers from SNL, The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight.

Earlier Event: November 14
Kickstarting Kiki
Later Event: November 15
AZOTH Dance Theatre