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Staging Film

About the Show

Staging Film is a community of theater makers exploring new ways to tell stories on film. We meld the contemporary American stage and screen to create short translations rather than adaptations. This means experimenting with untraditional techniques in cinematography, set design, sound design, and performance to record the visceral magic of theater on camera. The result is something that does not fit neatly into a defined medium, but rather shines in the liminal space between. 

Written by Chisa Hutchinson, 
Directed by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord 
A tortured woman sets up a crime scene and begins the execution. 
Starring Jocelyn Kuritsky 
Crew: Jonathan Rapoport (Cinematographer, Editor, and Sound Designer) Rebecca Atkinson-Lord (Makeup), Solomon Billinkoff (PA, B-roll, and Anna Rooney (PA, B-roll) 

Over The River and Through the Woods 
Written by Neil Labute 
Directed by Leigh Silverman 
Original Score by Heidi Rodewald 
A granddaughter makes an uncomfortable accusation. 
Starring Jocelyn Kuritsky and Larry Pine 
Crew: Moti Margolin (Cinematographer), Stephanie Beattie (Sound), Tim Harms (Editor), Jody Formica (Makeup), Anna Rooney (PA, B-roll), and Ashley Anderson (PA) 

November’s Stage to Film screening will feature This Thing Of Ours by Caridad Svich, directed by José Zayas, starring Jocelyn Kuritsky and Black Eyed Susan, with an original score by Stephan Merritt (of The Magnetic Fields) and Who Knows?, directed by Alex Koch. On December 5 Stage to Film will screen Ephemeral by Mallery Avidon, directed by Teddy Bergman, starring Jocelyn Kuritsky, Mike Crane, Lynne Rosenberg, and Dylan Dawson and 16 Words Or Less by Peggy Stafford, directed by Meghan Finn, starring Neal Huff, Crystal Finn, Marjorie Conn, and Jocelyn Kuritsky.

Earlier Event: October 11
Later Event: October 12
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