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An Othello Thing

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About the Show

A man and a woman carry out Othello Experiments in their domestic domain. A man playing Iago Cop barges into the scene after he receives a domestic complaint. The man playing Iago/Cop kills man playing Othello while he strangles Desdemona to death.

"...this is a container, a place where, in which you enter, are free, answer to no one, operate outside/ beside day to day concerns. Here you are someone else. Fluid. We go to have our basic elements rearranged."




"Lilac Co offer dramatic structures that move from event to event rather than scene-by-scene. These events are interruptive, continuously messing with an audience's attention. Fundamental to this event structure is language. The work, written and directed by Sean Edward Lewis, recalls literary experiments such as those of Gertrude Stein, Samuel Beckett, Lewis Carol, Antonin Artaud and David Lynch. As audience to their work one can dwell, rather than be directed what to think about, be that a narrative progression, or a character's "inner" psychology.The work affects feelings and ideas actively, if not immediately, LSJ creates not merely physical spaces, but imaginary, emotional, and intellective states an audience passes through." (Thom Donovan, THE BROOKLYN RAIL)

"...intense! It recalls the best of Jack Smith." (Mark Russell, The Public Theater)

About the Artists

Ulla Warchol trained as an architect at the Cooper Union in the 1980s and worked for a decade in the field while developing a multidisciplinary approach to structure. She leans toward a broad exploration of materials and techniques in large-scale works—interiors, buildings, and parks—and in small-scale works—books, fabrication, and collaborations with artists. An Othello Thing is her first project in set design, allowing a natural convergence of her myriad interests. A native of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Ulla now resides in Pennsylvania with her family, where her studio practice enables her, on a daily basis, to never do the same thing twice.

Julie Hair is a non-commercial intermedia artist/instrumentalist currently residing in Brooklyn. Her artwork takes a critical view of political, social and cultural issues. Subjects range from the military industrial complex to corporate ascendancy, personal politics and rock and roll. She subscribes to the Gene Youngblood theory that the intermedia network will turn all people into artists by proxy.

Claire Campbell has been part of Lilac Co since 2014, performing four pieces with the company (Dixon Place, Secret Project Robot, Transpecos). Claire graduated from Rose Bruford Drama School, London, with a BA honors in European Theatre Arts, 2014. During her studies, she received an Erasmus Grant for a placement at DAMU (The Theatre Faculty of Performing Arts in Prague), 2013. She has worked closely alongside Andrzej & Teresa Welminski ( Tadeuz Kantor’s Cricot 2) in Krakow in Poland, performed at the International Theatre Festival ‘Istropolitana’ in Bratislava in 2014.

Fletcher Liegerot is a founding member of The Nature Theater of Oklahoma. He is from Atlanta. He has hopes for the future. He plays the drums. He sometimes wears a mustache and a black suit.

SEAN EDWARD LEWIS- writer/actor/director and founder of ensemble driven theater company LILAC CO. Native of Suburban Los Angeles Lewis came to NYC in 2005 and began presenting works in church basements and abandoned storefronts. Recent works include: "CASH FOR ANY CAR", Dixon Place, New York, Nov. 2014, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, Oct. 2014; "THE JAMES FRANCO PAPERS", DTM Paris, France, Myth and Theatre Festival, Aug. 2014; "FRANKENSTEIN", Under The Radar Festival, Freeman Space, Brooklyn, Jan. 2014; "CALIGULA", Joe's Pub, Under The Radar, Aug. 2013; "LOVE IS BLACK WATER" (feature length independent film), Dixon Place, New York, Apr. 2013; "DRUSI DREAMED A TIGER" (Caligula Series), 94 Norman Storefront Space, Brooklyn, Oct. 2012; "DRUSI IS COMING" (Caligula Series), Joe's Pub, Under The Radar, Aug. 2012-

LILAC CO is an experimental theater company based in Brooklyn since 2006 and project of writer Sean Edward Lewis. This ensemble driven company has been in constant laboratory in church basements and abandoned storefronts, creating a body of work based on the writings of Lewis, and described by Thom Donovan of the Brooklyn Rail as "recalling literary experiments such as those of Gertrude Stein, Samuel Beckett, Lewis Carol, and Antonin Artaud." Recent curatorial attention from the Public Theater and elsewhere sees the project moving from D.I.Y. environments to full productions with showings at the Public Theater's Under The Radar Festival incoming series in 2013 and 2014.

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