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What is a moral prosthetic? What is an aesthetic prosthetic? We might not know yet we attach these things to the body daily. Toxic EMFs circulate our bodies from our machines but the limbic payoff is that we feel connected. We are 'in' the machine yet the stories we tell ourselves are at least 70,000 years old. That is the last time we 'evolved' as a tribe only a scant 20,000 in number. Can we find the same guts to survive? What the hell can we do to our tools before they do to us? Have we lost the means for the ends, trees for the forrest?

This recital will run three projects in transmedia performance. Life is a dream, Levittown oratorio, and liminal verse are the projects that use IR cameras, Neurosensors, the leap, the oculus, and ancient dreams to tell fantastic stories with fantastic world-new 'artisanal' code. We hope these are the right tool for the right job.

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