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Birdbrain: A Work-in-Progress Showing


About the Show

Join four lovely ladies as they take on one of the oldest and most ridiculous western comedies: The Birds, by Aristophanes.

Two Athenians are sick to death with society and travel to the kingdom of the birds to convince them to build a utopia (and tax the people trying to sacrifice to the gods).

Cassie, Carol, Ninoshka and Evelyn join forces to explore the themes and characters of The Birds through the lens of modern technology and our ever-changing society. The team has worked for one month to devise a new play based in this timeless comedy. On January 25th, they will present the culmination of their work together, for better or for worse, to the scrutinous and loving eyes of peers, collaborators, teachers, and mentors. They will ask for feedback and, with the insight bestowed upon them, will continue into further development of the show.

About Curio City

Curio City is a company that is devoted to creating theater and performances that explore the deep, dark soul of humanity through fiction, folklore and fable. Now that the mission statement's out of the way: Is it gone? Awesome. Curio City is the dream-to-reality company created by Cassandra West and Carol Matthews-Nicoli. It exists so that we and our creative, skilled and hardworking friends can always have a project to look forward to. It is an outlet for the stories we find exciting to tell; because, really, isn't the reason we live to be able to hear a really good story? We write, adapt and produce myriad plays and projects. Our goal is to tell the most interesting stories; once we choose one, we pick the medium most suited to it and build from there. Sometimes we throw fancy parties.

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