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Bad Feelings: What if I'm Not Good Enough?


About the Show

<strong>Featuring: Featuring: Lia Woertendyke, Caitlin Brodnick, and Mike O'Malley

Hosted by Nisse Greenberg</strong>

The norm is rarely a feeling of accomplishment. In life. In life: the norm is rarely a feeling of accomplishment. The norm is something different. Something that feels a little more like realizing that there is mold on the bottom of your crisper and you’ve been dealing with it by not buying vegetables. The norm is the second realization. The norm is self-awareness that pierces like a somebody is shoving a toothpick into your sternum until it breaks. Your sternum. The norm is telling everybody that everything is okay because you worry that if people knew how worried you were about yourself that they would worry about you too, and then you would also have to worry about them. The norm is not something we celebrate because we are in a constant chase scene where the norm is walking methodically and carefully while you scamper and hurry and it still seems to be gaining on you anyway, and we don’t want to stop to celebrate the norm because then the norm will catch up to us and envelop us in its sickly, sweet, comfortable guillotine. In this show, we celebrate the norm. Come if you dare. Come if you care.

Earlier Event: September 7
Later Event: September 11
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