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I Wish Someone Told Me: Created and Performed by Asher Novek


"I Wish Someone Told Me" is a storytelling show about why we move to, and more importantly, why we stay in New York City. This show celebrate's Asher's 10th year anniversary of moving to New York City; after 11 apartments, 15 jobs, and some memorable moments on the subway, he's still left wondering how someone earns the title of being a "New Yorker."

Asher is a freelance producer, storyteller, and community activist. He is finishing his Master’s degree in International Communications and Accessibility at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. His thesis, "HeartGov" ( aims to better connect local government and communities through text messages. He produces a monthly storytelling show, "So What Happened Was" at Freddy's Bar in Park Slope, and has appeared on podcasts such as "Abe Lincoln's Top Hat" and "Can't Make This Up!". Follow him @ashernovek or at

Directed by Nisse Greenberg

Part of The Tank's 2014 Dark Fest! Runs July 21-31. Click HERE for more info about other events and performances!