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About the Show

Join our wagon traveling from one godforsaken town to another, ride with us - drunks, dying men, grieving parents, whores... Go ahead and complain about your miseries, we will tell you ours, too. We will sing about them for you, we will dance, we will wail, and we will joke. 

Characters of this beautiful and haunting play examine life, meaning of death, or perhaps life as a death sentence... Aren't we all sentenced then? The wagon is here. Hop in.

Featuring an international cast of: Michael Donaldson, Robert Freedman, Ariel Polanco, Kellen Lopez, Natalie Solomon, Marina Talalaeva, Aya Beldi, Danijela Popovic, Marius Zilberstein

Directed by Marina Volok and Irina Abraham

About the Company

The Itinerant Theater Lab was created in 2013 to nurture the works of current students and The Russian Arts Theater and Studio alumni in a supportive environment. The Russian Arts Theater & Studio was founded in 2004 by Artistic Director Aleksey Burago and actress Snezhana Chernova. The company has provided many critically-acclaimed shows for the New York community, including adaptations, new translations, short stories & plays---from Hans Christian Andersen to Anton Chekhov to Tennessee Williams. It is part of TRATS' commitment to produce a new generation of theater artists capable of serving our mission in the years to come. Operating under the umbrella of The Russian Arts Theater & Studio, Itinerant Theater Lab offers an independent-minded community for artists to engage with their work, expand their imaginations and take risks. For more information, please, visit: