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Bad Feelings

Next Show:
July 19, 7PM
Muchmore’s in Williamsburg
2 Havermeyer Street

You know that feeling? That feeling when you realize that you never wrote a thank you card to that person who invited you to their wedding and let you crash in their house and lent you their car and suddenly you’re struck with the idea that nobody should ever love you the way that you want love. It’s like you are opening the crisper in your soul and you find that you’ve left a zucchini in there for months and it looks more like a fuzzy, moldy, science experiment than an edible treat and you realize that you have to throw out this mistake that seems emblematic of all of the mistakes you’ve ever made and you almost don’t want to throw it out because you want to remind yourself that you are a failure – remind yourself that when you get a little too defensive about the fact that it’s really that other person’s fault, sometimes it’s just your fault. It’s just true.

We put this conversation into personal narrative form with Diana Spechler, Cyndi Freeman, and Aaron Wolfe.