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Storytelling - Long Story Long: Hosted by Eli Reiter


LONG STORY LONG is BACK in June at a brand-new location. Come by 61Local, 61 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 for June's edition of LONG STORY LONG Hosted by Eli Reiter!

There are many storytelling shows out there that offer a slice of life. At the corner of Fringe Festival Street and The Moth Avenue, Eli Reiter offers us a larger piece of the pie giving each performer 25 minutes to tell their story. Long Story Long allows you, the audience, to get to know the storyteller a little better. 

This month features three Moth regulars: Daisy Rosario, Micaela Blei, and Steve Zimmer!

Daisy Rosario is a storyteller, comedian, producer and director of all kinds of things. She's run comedy theaters, an indie film festival, and recently, a half marathon. She has had a story on The Moth Radio Hour, and is currently the line producer for NPR's Latino USA. 

Steve Zimmer is known for telling funny childhood stories about navigating the grown-up world with undeveloped emotions, and sad adulthood stories about navigating the grown-up world with undeveloped emotions.

Micaela Blei is a teacher, writer, storyteller and doctoral student. She is a Moth GrandSLAM Champion and has told stories onstage in approximately 5 other states besides New York. When it's above 50 degrees, she can be found on her bicycle all over New York City.

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