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Shakespeare Playground


On Sunday, March 2 we will present our premier of Shakespeare Playground at The Tank! Come ready to jump in and play…or just watch it all happen. The choice is up to you!

For our first playground, we’ll be exploring the text of Shakespeare…in the dark! We’ll have the chance to work on monologues or scenes where the performer(s) can’t see the audience and the audience can’t see the performer(s). We’ll be especially curious to see how someone plays with this idea in direct-address. We’re doing this to take away all visual stimuli and use the strength of the words to tell a truthful story. How does one move and persuade an audience emotionally and physically without the use of the sense of sight? What does the performer or audience have to access? Will the text have the same weight when it’s only listened to? Guest director Ross Hamman hopes that asking these questions and doing this work will change the way a performer looks at their work and how an audience listens to and processes the language.

If you plan to participate, please prepare a monologue or brief scene (no more than 5-7 minutes) and sign up when you walk in.

Shakespeare Playground is a community of actors and directors exploring the language of Shakespeare. Through collaboration, the group will challenge each other (artists and non-artists alike) to develop new, deeper explorations of story, character, theme and imagination in an interactive, performance-based forum.

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