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xyz: chain creation


About the Show

xyz: chain creation is a new twist on <a href="" target="blank">xyz nyc</a>, The Tank's successful choreographic laboratory/reality tv show mash-up dance series. Instead of getting one week to create a brand-new dance, two groups of dancers have had two months to collaboratively create longer work. Like xyz nyc, the creators are required to follow certain open-ended choreographic rules, but have free reign beyond that. The series is called "chain creation" because the current participants will create the new rules and nominate the new artists for the following session and next performance. 

The Rules for the first chain creation session are:

1. Each member of the group must include something they can't let go from childhood.
2. Each member of the group must show off their weirdest non-dance skill.
3. Your piece must include stolen art.
4. Your piece must include someone else's manifesto.

Since the performance is a double bill with two groups who have the same rules to work with, the show offers the unique opportunity to compare and contrast how different groups of artists interpret different open-ended choreographic requirements. And at the very least, you'll get to watch a group of talented, innovative dancers demonstrate their weirdest non-dance skills.

The Performers!

<strong>Group A</strong><br>
Kit Stanley<br>
Margaret Tudor

<strong>Group B</strong><br>
Holly Heidt<br>
Samantha Bergman<br>
Lara Gemmiti<br>
Katharine Morales<br> 
Alayna Wiley<br>
Winona Brown

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