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About the Show

<em>Liamb</em> is the first ever evening-length dance work by Brooklyn-based dance company TYKE DANCE. This work investigates effort, brutality, strength, and femininity. Liamb relies on the tactics of collage and the politics of spectrum.

Above all else, <em>Liamb</em> celebrates the ferocity of poetic meter within dance composition.


TYKE DANCE is sweaty, brutal, clumsy, effortful, awkward and spastic. 

Sewing exertion, exhaustion, error and effort into the language of dance technique, we aspire to present movement that neither relies on classical notions of technique and virtuosity nor relinquishes the primacy of physical challenge in dance performance.

We cultivate an animal and infantile movement vocabulary. We work closely with physical ordeal as a process for creating dance. 

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A Note on Process

As a method of inquiry into dance as time-based art. 

As a strategy for viewing the passage of time through the lens of gradual exhaustion in a moving body.  

To un-abstract the performing body without the use of imported narrative. 

To poke fun at dance -- the difficulty of it, the hopelessness of it all, and the archaic nature of requiring such an enormous amount of energy for a thing perceived to have such a comically low payoff.  

To romanticize dance -- the difficulty of it, the hopelessness of it all, and the quixotic nature of such an undertaking.

About the Performers

<strong>sophie sotsky (artistic director)</strong>
Sophie Sotsky is a Brooklyn-based dancer and choreographer.  Since founding TYKE DANCE in 2011, Sotsky has shown her work at Movement Research at The Judson Church, Triskelion Arts, NYC10 at Dixon Place Theater, The Panoply Performance Laboratory, Soundance Studio Theater, AUNTS at Arts @ Renaissance and The Chocolate Factory Theater presents Sarah Maxfield’s THROW, curated in 2012-2013 by Lindsey Dietz Marchant.  Sophie holds a B.A. in Dance and Psychology from Wesleyan University  (2011) with honors in Dance.  Sophie also writes about contemporary performance for Posture Magazine. 

Press for Sophie Sotsky

"[Sotsky's] dancers move as if tangled in the forces of gravity, as if wrestling with the every day bits of life, as if with the dance itself."
-FIVE THoT, The Idealist

"It's beauty and grotesqueness. It's the reflection of our world and our selves in it, in modern dance."
-FIVE THoT, The Idealist

"[A] unique movement vocabulary, part circus clown, part modern dance, part gymnastics."

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